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ELPE-Musique Editions : ELPE-Musique Spirit

ELPE-Musique, a certain idea of musical contentment.

Elisabeth Penin

A publishing company that was the result of several encounters, the first and the only truly significant one being the introduction to classical music and its masterpieces.

Followed by becoming acquainted with the wonderful and demanding profession of musician-copyist and engraver. This may not have much in common with calligraphic artists or typographical craftsmen, but the sophisticated specialist software that is available today enables us to prepare music scores of the highest quality, whether for a performance or for publication.

And finally, the discovery of little known but simply superb works such as Fernand Cortez (Spontini - 1809/1817) and Oedipe à Colone (Œdipus in Colonus) (Sacchini - 1786). I was totally committed to the exciting task of restoring these works.

As a Classics and History Scholar and Graduate, she has surrounded myself with composers, performers and musicologists, because it is their legitimate aspirations that she aims to fulfil.

Editions ELPE-Musique, 23 bis rue du Commandant Blin 58290 Moulins-Engilbert France
Tél./fax : (33) 03 86 84 31 23