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Bernard Fieschi

Born in Cargese, Corsica, Bernard Fieschi was taught to play the guitar by his father, Jean Fieschi, and rapidly proved to be an extremely gifted pupil. He continued his musical education at the Strasbourg Conservatoire of Music with Philippe Meunier, and then at the Higher National Conservatoire of Music in Paris, where he obtained First Prize under Alexandre Lagoya. He then worked with John Williams at the International Guitar Meetings organised by Robert Vidal. One of the most beautiful tributes ever made to his talent as a musician was by Andrès Segovia who, after attending one of Fieschi's concerts, wrote to express his admiration for "the degree of technical and musical perfection he had achieved with the guitar, as well as his interpretation".  In parallel to his career as a concert performer and accompanist (including for Mady Mesplé), Bernard Fieschi is Professor of Music at the National Regional Conservatoire in Strasbourg. He has composed transcriptions for the guitar (orchestral works) and the piano (Bach, Offenbach, Ravel) as well as numerous pieces of music for the guitar, including Cahiers d'Etudes brèves, 14 Petits Préludes (op. 1),  7 Petits Préludes (op. 56), Thalassa (op. 46), and Musique pour une belle histoire (op. 70).

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  Cary Greisch
 Thalassa (MP3 - 1220 Ko)
 Thalassa (PDF - 75 Ko)
 Musique pour une belle histoire (MP3 - 478 Ko)
 Musique pour une belle histoire (PDF - 67 Ko)

The ELPE-Musique catalogue of works for the guitar

Download the attached Pdf file for the detailed catalogue of works for the guitar



Charles-André CONFORTO

Charles-André Conforto

Charles-André Conforto comes from Cargese, Corsica, as does his friend, Bernard Fieschi, who encouraged him to write his compositions down in 2001. A self-taught musician born in Gabon in 1951, Conforto is a Doctor who was captivated by the classical guitar in the Seventies after hearing Turibio Santos playing La Catedral by Augustin Barrios. Conforto has travelled extensively and listened to the music of other nations, capturing its essence and penetrating the cultural and musical folk song heritage of the Mediterranean but, in particular, of Corsica.  Fascinated by the emotional and therapeutic power of this music, he seeks to understand how it is perceived and assimilated by different individuals. C-A Conforto draws his inspiration from the universal language that he feels is so wonderfully expressed by Bach, Schubert, Chopin, Albeniz, Granados, Sor, Tarrega, Lauro, Sabicas and many others. In the same way, the Mediterranean legacy of Corsican, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Greek and Portuguese folk songs has only started to reveal its trove of secret treasures to him. ELPE-Musique currently publishes 11 opus by C-A Conforto, of various inspirations and including 4 Etudes Cargésiennes, a wonderful tribute to the beauty of his home village by the sea.

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 Prélude lancinant (MP3 - 1154 Ko)
 Prélude lancinant (PDF - 73 Ko)
 Prélude dans le style de Bach (MP3 - 772 Ko)
 Prélude dans le style de Bach (PDF - 61 Ko)
 Tremolo lamento (MP3 - 531 Ko)
 Tremolo lamento (PDF - 60 Ko)
 Omigna (MP3 - 634 Ko)
 Omigna (PDF - 66 Ko)
 Orchinu (MP3 - 892 Ko)
 Orchinu (PDF - 63 Ko)
 Arone (MP3 - 746 Ko)
 Arone (PDF - 60 Ko)
 Capo rosso (MP3 - 910 Ko)
 Capo rosso (PDF - 55 Ko)
 Sérénade espagnole (MP3 - 519 Ko)
 Sérénade espagnole (PDF - 52 Ko)
 Moquerie - Scaccanata (MP3 - 732 Ko)
 Moquerie - Scaccanata (PDF - 60 Ko)
 Scottish cargésienne (MP3 - 867 Ko)
 Scottish cargésienne (PDF - 67 Ko)
 Paomia (MP3 - 731 Ko)
 Paomia (PDF - 82 Ko)
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