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Prices - Music copying and engraving services

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Music copying, preparation of music for a performance and music engraving requires the highest degrere of precision. Several factors are involved in preparing a reasonable estimate for this: the complexity and length of the score, legibility of the manuscript, density of notation, quanity of articulations and symbols, and whether there is any text to be processed, etc.

In providing this invaluable service, ELPE-Musique works on the basis of an hourly rate of 40€ including taxes.

As soon as the score has been received by post (not e-mail or fax), ELPE-Musique will study it with the utmost care, undertaking to send a precise and detailed estimate free of charge to the client within a fortnight, setting out the number of hours of work involved, the cost and the time required to complete the work.*

After the completed work has been sent to the client, two corrections will be made free of charge on dates chosen by him. The interval between these two dates will be left to the entire discretion of the client and this is valid, disregardless of the type of score is involved.

With regard to a Full Orchestral score, a first print-out will be sent to the composer for proof-reading before the separate parts are extracted. A second print-out will then be prepared within a time limit to be determined by the composer.

Once this has been confirmed in writing, any additional modifications that may be required, will be invoiced at an hourly rate of 45€.

With regard to music copying and preparation of music for a performance of works that will not be included in ELPE-Musique's catalogue, the scores will be submitted on white or ivory paper DCP 100g, in the format requested by the client. A PDF file on a CD-Rom will also be provided. Available formats are: A5 - A4 - B4 - A3.


*A contract model for longer works (over 30 pages) will be attached to the estimate.

In all cases, music copying and music engraving will only effectively start once the estimate has been signed  (and the contract, if required) with payment of 30% of the estimate as down payment ( for estimates of 150€ and more).

**For very long pieces of work (100 pages and over) the time required and the price estimate can only be modified by ELPE-Musique after discussion and in consultation with the client who must confirm this in writing.

In any event, ELPE-Musique undertakes never to exceed the original price estimate  by more than 10%.

Publication of a work

With regard to works retained by ELPE-Musique (for which the scores must have been prepared by ELPE-Musique), publishing and promotional details will appear in our catalogue, together with information as to whether it is for sale and/or rental.

The composer will be offered a publishing contract.

Regarding music for a solo instrument, the composer will be given ten presentation copies in 23/31cm format.

As far as Chamber music is concerned, the composer will be provided with three presentation copies of the Full Orchestral score in pocket format 15.5/21.5cm or A4 as well as a copy of each of the performing materials in 23/31cm format.

Where a larger orchestra is involved, the composer will receive two presentation copies of the Full Orchestral Score in A4 format as well as a copy of each of the performing materials in 23/31cm or B4 format.

Rental of a full orchestral score and performing materials

Prices for rental of our performing materials are based on those issued by CEMF.

Rental conditions will be specifically defined by a contract to be drawn up between ELPE-Musique and the client.

 Please contact ELPE-Musique for any further information on this matter
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