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Music copying and music engraving
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ELPE-Musique Editions : Music copying and music engraving

Music copying and music engraving

A stave of violoncello

Elisabeth Penin, copyist, is personally responsible for copying and engraving the scores that are entrusted to her, using Music Publisher. Her priority is to respect the choices and demands of her clients.

Orchestras and choruses, conservatoire teachers and pupils, professionals and amateurs will all find that she is an attentive partner in producing their work. Her extensive experience of music copying and preparation of music for a performance is a guarantee of the quality of her work that is already unanimously appreciated by musicians.

Being attentive to client requirements, precision and a finely-tuned aesthetic sense are the main requisites for this profession and Elisabeth Penin has all of these qualities in abundance..

A copyist-engraver is a true craftsman and an excellent technician; someone who is able to produce scores of the highest standard worthy of any demanding artist, whether for a performance or for publication. At the artist's service.

 Please contact ELPE-Musique for any further information

ELPE-Musique is able to ensure that you have the very best in music copying, preparation of music for a performance and music engraving. Details are as follows:

  • All types of instrumental scores
  • Full orchestral scores and extraction of separate parts
  • Chorus booklets
  • Reductions for piano and vocals
  • Transpositions

Laser printing resolution 600 dpi on white or ivory paper DCP 100g
Available formats : A4 - A3 - A5 - B4
Cover pages and professional binding
PDF file on CD-Rom
Data from Finale and Sibelius can be processed

ELPE-Musique does not process data from Midi files

  Music Publisher - Braeburn Software - Bernard Hill

A few examples of engraving

 Paomia - opus 11 - C. A Conforto (PDF - 82 Ko)
 Full score - Ellison's Quatuor - François Fayt (PDF - 183 Ko)
 Oedipe à Colone - Full score - Overture (PDF - 341 Ko)
 Fernand Cortez - Full score - Act I - Trio - Hymn (PDF - 328 Ko)
 Fernand Cortez - 1st Violin material (PDF - 393 Ko)
 Fernand Cortez - Chorus material (PDF - 434 Ko)
 Fernand Cortez. Cymbals/Bass drum material (PDF - 60 Ko)
Editions ELPE-Musique, 23 bis rue du Commandant Blin 58290 Moulins-Engilbert France
Tél./fax : (33) 03 86 84 31 23