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These works are due to be published in 2009 and 2010

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Michel Vigneron

Michel Vigneron, IT specialist, was born on 7th January 1964 in Moulins in the department of Allier and his involvement in the world of music dates from his childhood. A choirboy, he was trained as a flautist, and his musical studies included Gregorian chant in particular. In 1990, he joined the "Chamlumière" Musical Association, directed by Paul Billard, with whom he studied the different genres of choral repertories, from oratorios to lyrical, including film music and contemporary works. Michel Vigneron also developed his vocal technique as baritone soloist. Finding he had the liking and the talent for the theatre, he became a member of the Riom Theatre Workshop in his region of Auvergne. These studies and experience enabled him to fully explore and refine his musical composition: the choice of balance, restraint and an orchestration that imperceptibly grows louder, discreetly yet powerfully. This is a musical universe that combines the past and the present, that shows control, interiority, maturity, and "that indefinable quality of bewitched atmosphere that is so characteristic of his work". P.Billard.

         ELPE-Musique Editions is now publishing the Requiem "Between Heaven and Earth", that Vigneron finished composing at the beginning of 2007.  Essentially of medieval inspiration, the polyphony "that initially appears monotonous but which so admirably lets its transcendence be glimpsed" (J.R Pitte) proves itself to be  wonderfully and extraordinarily modern.
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