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ELPE-Musique Editions : The music score publishing compagny

ELPE-Musique, quality first and foremost

Cover for the score Ellison's quatuor - François Fayt

Founded in 2006, and established in Bourgogne, in the heart of France, ELPE-Musique is an independent and innovative company that seeks to incorporate into its catalogue the finest unpublished or little known classical and contemporary musical works.

Producing and publishing a score makes a work even more accessible as everyone can then read it. An editor is the person who believes in an artist and in his work, who defends him, promotes him and publishes his work. 

ELPE-Musique therefore aspires to being a place where all demanding musicians, whether composers or performers (as well as everyone in the musical world in general) will feel free to go and exchange ideas, where they will be heard, in an atmosphere of trust and where they will feel confident.

A composer will only be completely ready to hand over his work to an editor after a great deal of contemplation, to allow the themes to mellow, whilst repeatedly returning to the score as a friendly visitor. We must allow artists to have enough time to do this, because they are the only ones who know when the time is right. In this way, they will be free to give of their very best.

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