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A. Sacchini - Le Cahier de musique de Fanny Bazin - 1785

Fanny Bazin - 1785 - Portrait by Heinsius - Priv. Coll - G. Sauvé

Exclusive to ELPE-Musique : Le Cahier de Musique de Fanny Bazin (The Fanny Bazin's Music Book) is a manuscript score ( priv. coll. G. Sauvé). It contains 19 melodies ( 16 for piano and soprano, 1 for piano solo, 1 duet for two sopranos and a quartet). This book is witness to the refinement and  intensity of the artistic life that Queen Marie-Antoinette shared with those close to her. However, the real value of this unpublished Cahier de Musique,  is first and foremost musical, as some of the melodies it contains are superb miniatures, sometimes even little masterpieces, lively, joyful, moving and definitely to be discovered.

This work will be published in the near future

 Whith dedication to Fanny Bazin - Sacchini's manuscript - 1785 (JPG - 390 Ko)
 Sacchini's manuscript - Piano/Voice reduction - Oedipe à Colone - Antigone's air - 1785 (GIF - 347 Ko)
 Sacchini's manuscript - Melody - "Ricordati mio bene" (JPG - 556 Ko)

François Fayt - L'Heure grise

L'Heure grise - 1994 -  For melodies for baritone and piano  for poems written by Michel Laré, Jean-Pierre Quinsac and Robert Desnos.

To be published in 2008

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